Very interested otzyv

Our ship put in dock in Bodrum on September 30th, 2015. We have booked a tour with Bulent Poyezdki on the Trailer to go to ruins to Iassos, the city about 1 hour from Bodrum. Bulent’s knowledge of history, his lack of English and its sense of humour have made this one of the best walks for which we came in a cruise. He we are keen on history and his country and tells it to “guests”. After visit of ruins (one of the most high points of ruins there was the fact that we were the only visitors), Bulent has organized that we have gone to the small village on hills for lunch. He is on friendly terms with owners of local restaurant, and they tried very much to cook fantastic food to us – his most part was a straight line from their garden back. The village – the Coop center a carpet (5 villages of all) therefore we included a few shops presently. It was the most weakening impression of a carpet, at us wasn’t in Turkey… pressure, any seller of spinning, etc… the best of all, income from sales of a carpet go directly to Coop, to directly bring benefit to women who do carpets. We have finished our day in Bodrum, Bulent has brought us at a small walking tour of the downtown. We without hesitation recommend to reserve a tour with it!